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Essential Qualities for a Successful Life

To progress in life a man should have self-confidence. To be standard in life he has to be hard working, sincere and honest.

PEACE: Peace is the feeling of complete contentedness. It can be achieved when the brain and heart work alike. When heart obeys the brain, which means desire obeys the reasoning power one can attain complete peace.

MASS GROUPS of Educational trust is the way to promote educational, cultural and social development of the poor and weaker section It is a result, the common people,  give up the efforts to get help and console themselves that its their destiny that they have to suffer. These people however will not have to suffer anymore because this trust is the way available for the people of all walks of life.

MASS GROUPS is a organization founded on 2000 with a motto "Service to humanity is service to God", the organization started working for the good cause of the people especially the poor who suffer from educational and old age problem and to manage Schools, Colleges, Professional and Technical Institution imparting Higher Secondary, Graduate and Post Graduate Education in All branches of Arts, Science, Commerce,Nursing, Agriculture, Literary, Religion Culture, Fine Arts, Engineering, Medicines and Information Technology etc.

It is quite often been observed in the history that those dedicated persons who have understood the goal of their life, have thrown themselves for the cause with total obsession and determination in their work, as a result they tend to neglect the duties towards their own family and they often stand as adamant, whimsical, intolerant in the eyes of their nears and dears. Relatives and other close persons even blame them for not caring them and too aggressive in their life these veterans whose vision reaches much beyond their own narrow interests, march on their chosen way with unyielding passion.