Our Work

Through years of working on the ground, we have realized that the problem with the school dropouts from the underprivileged family is not only economic poverty but social poverty. By social poverty, we mean the absence of social support systems and the socio cultural atmosphere that positively impacts school dropouts in improving themselves. We at MASS GROUPS of Educational Trust have developed a model and identified 4 areas of work, which form the 4 pillars of the MASS GROUPS Educational Trust model.

The 4 pillars of MASS GROUPS:

Livelihood Training :

The first pillar is aimed at solving the problem of school dropouts not having marketable skills

Community Engagement :

Community engagement aims to develop leadership among underprivileged youth & solve the community problems with the help of the youth members of the MASS GROUPS Educational Trust.  Issues like leadership development, community work, problem solving, sports, culture, recreation & life skills are taken up.  Members are encouraged to visit our centre where they learn to play games and sports

Placement Support :

The third pillar is placement support through our Staff Placement Cell, and Industry partnerships. 

Industry partnership :

The fourth Pillar is partnership with major Hospitals, Industry, Government, NGO’s and Communities.