Who we are

MASS GROUP  is Private - Institute Located in Tenkasi and Ambasamuthiram to establish, administrate, manage and maintain schools, colleges, Institution, Livelihood vocational Institute, Para-Medical Colleges, Community Colleges  & Training centre which  will cater in particular 

to sections of society which have been oppressed by Poverty.

To educate the community Social Responsibilities and impart the knowledge of various Social Services available

so as to enable them to make use of the same.

To provide equal opportunities for education to people from all strata of the society by providing concessions, scholarships and assistance to children from poor ,needy and deserving families. To evolve systems of educational outreach programmes in rural and in urban areas where clusters of low income groups exist


Our Aim

  • To establish international level infrastructure and create facilities conducive for Academic environment.

  • To Recruit well Qualified , experienced and dedicated faculty.

  • To Produce Technical manpower which is professionally strong with ethical values.

  • Encourage faculty for quality enhancement including their academic and professional advancement.

  • Establishing Proper platform for Industry-Institution Participation.

  • Facilitate Academic, Sponsored Research including Consultancy work.

  • Uplift the social environment around the campus by conducting Vocational Courses for the needy students on no profit & no loss basis.

  • To promote Educational, Cultural and Social Development of the poor and weaker section of the society

  • To approach the Government/Semi-Government bodies or social institutions, individual, for socio-economic aid, assistance for aged person in respect or reasonable necessities, comforts, conveniences, conductive to the health and well being of the elderly

  • To promote the health of suffering & needy persons by providing medical, surgical and other medical assistance including supply of medicines and other medical, surgical or remedial appliances

  • Vocational training is offered depending on the physical and mental capabilities of the person in appropriate sections


  • To establish, administrate, manage and maintain schools, colleges, Institution,Livelihood vocational Institute , Para-Medical Colleges, Community Colleges  & Training centre which  will cater in particular  to sections of society which have been oppressed by Poverty.

  • To effectively Organize life Education Programmers which include Sex, Education Planned Family, Counselling Health hygiene, and sanitation and Environmental education which includes noise , air water pollution and aids awareness. To train person in alternative Education and Community developments.

  • To engage in social service activities aimed at improving the living condition and general welfare of people without the respect of race, community caste and creed.

  • To run comprehensive rehabilitation campaign for disabled by conducting baseline survey, Medical Assessment clinic and provide comprehensive rehabilitation assistance.

  • To conduct programmers for prevention of disability and also early detection of disability.

  • To run any other service for the welfare of the handicapped this will ultimately uplift the lot of disabled.

  • To cater to the health needs or the people joined with health immunization   for children education inclose collaboration with the state Medical Organization.

  • To  provide means of enriching the children’s experience of the world through creative arts recreational facilities. To run  any technical institution relating Medical ,Pharmacy, Engineering  fielders any other fields.

  • To have homes for disabled any mentally retarded.

  • To start Educational Institution and Poly-Clinics for Physiotherapy and Radiography, Yoga and   medical foundations. To organize Lectures, Seminars. Workshops, on matters and issues connected with development.

  • To emphasize the need of harmonious community life.

  • To promote cultural activities that will serve to enrich the lives of the people.

  • To provide relief to the needs in areas affected by natural calamities and other emergencies.

  • To formulate, initiate plan and implement projects and programmes for the development of the poor and rehabilitation of mentally ill and retarded. To run a Calliper unit, To run Old Age Homes for Destitute ole People.

  • To run Tailoring unit, ILLUSTRATIVE ACTIVITIES ,Montessori